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 Hessa Le Gere
Managing Director
HLG Business Solutions


“The most important part of what I do is to listen to my clients. Understanding their strategic objectives empowers me, to partner with them to identify the most effective solutions”


Hessa Le Gere is the Managing Director of HLG Business Solutions Limited with over 22+ years of diverse experience in various aspects of business management. She is known for her ability to create and implement a plan that addresses new, current, and prospective customers. Hessa has a sound record of significantly improving operations, performance, productivity and profits.

From 2012, she held a senior management position as the Logistics Manager and led a team of 25 professionals in a Chemical manufacturing company, located on the Pt. Lisas Industrial Estate. Her portfolio included restructuring the distribution division of the supply chain network. She was directly responsible for effective coordination with suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers. Additionally she developed business by gaining new contracts, analyzing logistical problems and producing new solutions. 

As a Project Analyst she spent 4 years in the energy sector. Her key role was portfolio management, which involved evaluating investment opportunities to support long-term growth.  As well as providing financial assessments of major projects. This facilitated her working on various international projects. It also augmented her background in Project Management as well as her abilities to be a strategic thinker and work with cross functional groups

With more than 15+ years experience in the banking and financial service Industry, Hessa brings a valuable blend of strong analytical and problem solving skills. Her experience spans the customer centric management area for retail banking. Her specialty areas include managing a team of 19 customer service staff. Designing and implementing training plans for employees. Developing strategies for employees to meet individual targets and streamlining individual goals to achieve the organization objectives.


HLG understands the unique challenges of navigating the vastly changing regulatory environment of the banking industry. The success of teams she led through the years is a direct result of a balanced approach gained through this diverse experience. Allows her to provide her clients with a distinctive perspective.

She understands first-hand the challenges facing today’s financial services businesses, and considers it a privilege to help clients exceed their goals through partnership with HLG Business Solutions Limited.  


Hessa holds a M.B.A. Business Administration from the Australian Institute of Business and a B.A Business Management from the University of Hertfordshire She is a provisional member of the Association of Female Executives of Trinidad and Tobago.

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